About Us


PROTEC is a leading South African non-profit organization, operating nationally in the field of STEM education since 1982.

We run an excellence programme for disadvantaged learners that have the potential and the right attitude to change the course of their lives.

Our Mission

An NPO committed to developing the mathematics and science competence of young people to succeed in STEM careers through interventions with learners and educators, focusing on: Improved learner performance, enhanced teaching quality and increased career access and success.

Our Vision

A leading organisation that empowers South African youth with optimal scientific, maths, technology, engineering and life skills to access and succeed in STEM based careers


PROTEC is registered as an educational fund in terms of Section 18A (3) of the Income Tax Act of 1962. (Reg. 18/9/2/11/262) and as a non-profit organisation in terms of the Non-Profit Organisation act of 1997 (Reg. 001-335-NPO) All grants and donations are tax exempt.


Established by the South African Institute of Civil Engineers, PROTEC was created with the aim of increasing the numbers of engineers in all fields, through the improvement of mathematics, physical science and English education in disadvantaged schools. PROTEC’s vision was pertinent then and is critical today.

To compete globally and develop locally South Africa needs engineers. The reality is that engineers are in short supply. Since 1982, PROTEC has been working towards improving these numbers. In partnership with your organisation, we can do so much more.


Successes & Achievements

In partnership with organisations like yours, and participating schools, PROTEC offers a holistic enrichment excellence programme that begins in high schools, continues through institutions of higher learning and into the work place. Learners with potential in the fields of engineering and technology are given supplementary classes in Maths, Science and English, equipped with life skills, study skills and career awareness and mentored through school (Grade 8 -12), post school and the first three years of work.


The programme begins with the School Phase from Grade 10 to Grade 12, where we provide Saturday school and vacation classes in Science, Technology, English and Mathematics (STEM subjects). PROTEC also provides computer training, exposure to the world of work, career guidance and mentoring – a truly holistic approach to help our learners achieve their full potential.

The Post School Phase is an additional seven years post Matric and includes an Alumni Programme. In this phase we continue to mentor our learners through their tertiary education and into their first years in the working world to ensure they are successfully placed and on track for successful careers.

We also offer a Teacher Development Programme targeted at the Mathematics, Physical Science and English teachers in the FET phase. These teachers are offered content and methodology training in a series of workshops that are supplemented by school support visits.


PROTEC manages all projects from its national head office in Randburg, Johannesburg. The office employs 23 full time staff members in Johannesburg and 10 in its provincial offices. PROTEC branches that make up the national network are independent and managed by PROTEC branch managers who are locally employed and accountable to local community boards.

PROTEC employs approximately 191 part time tutors/facilitators.
PROTEC Projects are managed by local education centres in partnership with PROTEC.


PROTEC is governed by a Board of Directors appointed at the AGM and mandated through the provisions of the constitution. PROTEC’s Board consists of representatives from the private sector, education and the science and technology community in South Africa. Members are allowed no more than two terms of three years each, and are replaced during the elective AGM. The current members are:

The Finance and Audit Committee receives its mandate from the Board and comprises three non-executive directors and one executive. The committee meets six times in the year and establishes the financial framework, monitors adherence and approves annual budgets and monitors performance over the approved budgets.

The financial systems are geared to ensure that all project receipts and payments are ring-fenced and are reported separately. This ensures that projects are not cross-subsidised and every cent is spent and accounted for as per the proposal/ budget presented to the funder.

Apart from the two-monthly reviews undertaken by the Finance and Audit Committee, an external audit is undertaken annually. PROTEC has received a clean audit since 2010 for at least the past ten years.