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Dear Friends of PROTEC,

Welcome to this special edition of PROTEC Connect, and our first newsletter of 2024. The year is off to a strong start at PROTEC, and while we anticipate big things on our annual calendar, it is with some sadness that we begin by bidding farewell to two of our branch managers – Marion Takis, PROTEC Tongaat, and Mpumezo Dungelo, PROTEC Inanda, Ntuzuma, and KwaMashu (INK).

Marion Takis

PROTEC Tongaat Grade 12s of 2023 present a plaque of thanks to Marion and Anna-Maria

Marion has been a valuable part of the PROTEC team since April 2003 and has served the Tongaat Branch faithfully and effectively for 21 years. Marion was also pivotal in establishing the INK branch in 2010.

It is worth noting that both Tongaat and INK are the model branches of PROTEC, taking learner attrition, performance, innovation and stakeholder management into account. Marion is an assertive and go-getter manager who will not compromise her principles for anything that could affect her branch operations and wellbeing. As one of the senior branch managers, operations always tapped into her wisdom when new innovations were to be implemented. Her astuteness meant that she needed a lot convincing before a new idea could be accepted, and no restructuring could happen without careful thought.

Personally, I have had great respect for Marion’s constructive criticism, how she jealously guarded her branch to ensure the highest standards were consistently maintained across the board, and above all, her love and respect for all staff, learners, and colleagues, irrespective of gender, age, race or creed. Marion remains an epitome of the PROTEC model.

Mpumezo Dungelo

Mpumezo came in as a branch manager following the protracted departure of his predecessor in 2020. The branch was in trouble and needed learner numbers, facility management, stakeholder management, and strong people relations. Mpumezo brought these qualities to PROTEC when he joined in March 2021.

Mpumezo was a self-starter and willing to learn. During his stint as PROTEC INK branch manager we witnessed him developing good relations with the Inanda community and the businesses around Inanda which resulted in large donations to the branch, while also providing excellent opportunities for work exposure and career guidance in airports, clinics, and other places of work.

Mpumezo made sure his voice was heard on every platform, whether on MS Teams meetings or in the PROTEC Bosberaad – and his understanding of the STEM education environment, his tenacity, his strategic approach, and his passion for leading, teaching and encouraging young people made sure his contribution to the transforming PROTEC has been significant.

Going forward

While these two branch managers will leave a large gap in the PROTEC structure, we are confident that their leadership and legacy will ensure that the work continues at the highest standards of excellence – we know they would expect no less!

We thank them both for what they have given to the organisation and to each and every learner who has successfully passed through the programme under their watch. We wish them well in their future endeavours. PROTEC’s doors will always be open to them.

Fannie Matumba

PROTEC GM Operations

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