Our 2022 matriculants say it like it is!

Snelizwi Mbambo – from Sacred Heart Secondary; five distinctions; studying B Health Science In Clinical Technology at DUT; awarded a Heribert Nasch Foundation Bursary
“I would like to thank PROTEC for their unending support and involvement, even post-matric. Being a member of the PROTEC family provided not only academic but also mental support. It taught me discipline, courage, and most importantly, a positive mindset, which I believe will be a valuable asset as I embark on this new chapter of my life at university. I strongly advise complete commitment to the programme because it provides numerous benefits, such as being exposed to exciting opportunities that include job shadowing, university visits, computer learning, meeting the post-school pupils and alumni, and much more. I would not be where I am today without PROTEC.”

Nontobeko Ngcobo – from Qalakahle High; six distinctions; studying medicine at UKZN
“I joined PROTEC in Grade 9. I remember in my interview that Marion Takis said that PROTEC is a programme of excellence and I’ve witnessed that. PROTEC introduced me to the digital world, especially during Covid-19. ICT classes and a tablet helped me become familiar with online learning platforms, which enabled me to cope throughout. With the help of extra classes, I achieved a bachelor pass and six distinctions, gave me the opportunity to enroll in UKZN to study medicine. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity PROTEC gave me.”


Nontando Dlodlo – from Mountview Secondary; five distinctions; studying medicine at UKZN
“I would like to thank PROTEC for helping me excel in my academics. I achieved five distinctions and I couldn’t have done it without PROTEC. The Saturday classes helped me understand my school work and I’m thankful to the PROTEC tutors. I also appreciate the sponsors who made it possible for me to join PROTEC. The data we were given helped when I couldn’t understand something at school as I could watch YouTube videos for more information. I am thankful to Mrs Takis and Mrs Mkhize who supported us through the last three years, and for the career counselling, which helped me decide on my career.”

Amahle Gwamanda – from Qalakahle High; five distinctions; studying B Radiography at DUT; awarded DUT scholarship
“I highly appreciate PROTEC for what it has done for me. They not only helped me academically but also groomed me to be to be a better and wiser person during World of Work lessons. I wouldn’t have obtained five distinctions if it wasn’t for PROTEC. Mrs Takis and Mrs Mkhize provided great guidance and motivation, and PROTEC taught me that everything that I need for success is within me. PROTEC also provided us with resources that we couldn’t get at school, which had a huge impact resulting in me passing with flying colours. I will forever be grateful to PROTEC and the sponsors.”


Amahle Ntanzi – from Verulam Secondary; five distinctions; studying B Health Sciences In Biomedical Sciences
“PROTEC opened doors for me when it came to understanding the different careers that are available. The work experiences we did were amazing and the help I received regarding choosing my career path. I only joined PROTEC in Grade 11 with maths and physics marks just around 60% and without the help of the tutors, I would not have achieved a distinction in physics. Thank you to Mrs Takis and Mrs Mkhize for their commitment to us and for constantly pushing us to reach our goals.”

Njabulo Mazibuko – from Nkosibomvu High; five distinctions; studying BSc Mechanical Engineering at Wits“
I joined PROTEC in 2021 when I was in Grade 11, and my journey with the programme has been nothing but amazing. PROTEC helped me in my studies by educating me about study skills, helped me with Maths, English and Physics, assisted me in my career choices, and also instilled in me the importance of being disciplined, accountable, responsible and having grit. Through PROTEC, I was exposed to the work environment, and I had access to alumni who helped me when I had questions. At PROTEC I met new peers from different backgrounds and made friends who I cherish. PROTEC has become family and I will always treasure them and one day I hope to give back to them.”

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