Celebrating Women’s Month with Lente-Louise Louw

To kickstart our #WomensDay month, we highlight the incredible role that our founder, the late Lente-Louise Louw played in making #ProtecStem what it is today. “She was a remarkable character, trained as a clinical psychologist. She was good friends with Cliff MacMillan, a civil engineer who was concerned about the lack of black engineers in South Africa due to apartheid. They mustered the forces, particularly the SA Institute of Civil Engineers #SAICE who were PROTEC’s first funding partners. Together they succeeded in establishing the organisation to provide #Maths and #Science support to young, high potential black high school learners to enable them to join the world of #engineering, ” – said David Kramer, a qualified economist and an investment analyst, who felt that as an anti-apartheid #activist, he could do more for the #development of the country’s black #youth.

David taught in #Soweto and then, following the 1976 uprising, he left the country and returned in the early 80s and joined #PROTEC in 1984 as the manager of the Soweto branch through to 1988. “Lente is my most unforgettable character. She was energetic and eccentric, and very passionate about what the PROTEC programme was designed to achieve. She was quick to speak against inequality, racism and mediocrity, ” affirms David.

Balan Moodley, CEO of PROTEC, says, “PROTEC has a proud history of delivering a crucial service in areas where it is most needed. Our foundations were laid by indomitable people who weren’t intimidated by the many challenges they faced over the years. We join David in paying tribute to our first CEO, Lente-Louise Louw, who, along with the SAICE, guided our organisation through the early years.

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