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Preparing Learners for Successful Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


[Approximately 30000 – students who have gone through PROTEC programmes / teachers / alumni / science or engineering tertiary studies]
Matric results

The overarching aim of all PROTEC intervention programmes is to see a vast improvement in the number of learners succeeding in Mathematics, Physical Science and Technology as well as positively affecting their attitude to mathematics- and science-based careers. Experience has established that the principle of engaging learners with accessible and relevant learner-centred subject content is a key to raising standards.

Since 1982, PROTEC has successfully run programmes to increase the number of school leavers from disadvantaged communities who successfully embark on careers in Science, engineering and technology.

PROTEC also establishes teacher development programmes in participating centres aimed at improving the overall standard of the Mathematics, Physical Science and English results from grades 10 -12.

Further, in 2019 our learners achieved a total of 123 Mathematics and Physical Sciences distinctions from a total of 371 learners that wrote the matric examinations. In total these learners achieved a combined 434 distinctions in all subjects.

The results have been tangible, in 2019 all but one of PROTEC’s branches achieved a 100% pass rate. The PROTEC pass rate has consistently been higher than the National pass rate both at Matric and Bachelors level, with PROTEC learners achieving a 99.2% pass rate compared to the average 81.3% in 2019. PROTEC Bachelors pass rate was 79.2% compared to the national average of 36.9%.

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