What We Do



The standard of Mathematics and Science teaching in many South African schools is bad to non-existent. Very few black students pass or even write matric Mathematics and Science and therefore cannot consider careers in engineering, medicine and science – skills that our country badly needs.

PROTEC delivers Science, Mathematics, Technology, World-of-Work and English theoretical and practical education to Grade 10 to 12 learners from disadvantaged communities. The programmes are run in parallel to formal schooling and are delivered at our Saturday and Vacation School classes by qualified and experienced PROTEC tutors.

Included in this school phase programme is Computer Skills, exposure to the World-of-Work, Career Guidance and Mentoring. This holistic approach prepares learners for post-school studies and entry into the economy.

Saturday school runs from 8h00 to 13h30 weekly and learners are informed of the vacation school programme each term. Vacation school typically includes field trips, educational excursions and participation in practical projects or external events such as the Science Expo, Technology Olympiad or the international F1 School Project. PROTEC aims to challenge, inspire, encourage and support their learners on their journey. Hard work and full commitment is expected from these learners. Failure to pass assessments or not achieving the minimum attendance requirement of 90% results in dismissal and the position is passed on to someone else who will make better use of the opportunity.



PROTEC aims to uplift the general standard of education in STEM subjects at under resourced, rural schools by making their materials and resources available to these schools and their teachers.

  • PROTEC publishes a range of Grade 4 to 12 Science, Technology, Mathematics, Maths Literacy, English and the World-of-Work materials. The texts are accompanied by teacher guides and training. PROTEC is currently publishing a new series of OBE aligned curriculum materials for Grades 4 to 12 in Science, Mathematics and Technology.
  • PROTEC publishes science, engineering and technology modules to improve educational progress and career awareness of various industries. These include modules on Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Food Technology, Telecommunications, Energy Efficiency, Biotechnology and Viruses, Measurement & Control, The Petrochemical industry, Geosciences and other topics.
  • PROTEC provides special Mathematics, Science and English learning resources to rural schools. These are produced on the basis of quality content but on low quality paper and cost about 15% of the price of normal textbooks.
  • PROTEC has produced its first multi-media digital materials for Science and Mathematics. This includes both CDROM and website-based resources.



PROTEC continues to mentor their learners after matric, through their tertiary education and into their first years in the working world to ensure that they are successfully placed. This Post School phase typically spans 7 years post matric.

As a result of their superior performance in matric, on average over 20% of PROTEC learners receive bursaries for their tertiary studies.

PROTEC provides its matriculants with the following support services:

  • Awareness of bursaries, internships, apprenticeships etc. Many of these opportunities arise from our corporate donors.
  • Assistance with applications for financial aid
  • Assistance with mandatory in-service training placements for diploma courses. Assistance with vacation work placements
  • Workshops in CV writing, interview skills, time management and budgeting
  • Free ICDL training
  • Free access to Resource and ICT Centres
  • Free use of fax and telephone facilities for study/career puposes



The latest PROTEC initiative is the establishment of a formal PROTEC ALUMNI as part of the Post School Programme. PROTEC has spent over 30 years in the development and advancement of STEM education and in this time thousands of learners have benefited from the programme, passed through the ranks and are now qualified Engineers, Doctors, Scientists and Educators...to name but a few.

PROTEC ALUMNI is a Mentorship Programme to provide much needed support and assistance to the Post School learners starting out in tertiary institutions. Going off to University – often away from home – can come as a major shock to the system, particularly for our previously disadvantaged scholars. Statistics show that the bulk of university drop outs occur in the first year of study. These kids need the support and guidance from their peers who have been through the system.

PROTEC Alumni is all about giving back to PROTEC and helping fellow PROTEC learners get to where they are. It teaches and equips our senior learners with new skills to enrich their lives and those of others. These PROTEC Alumni benefit from a mentorship training workshop to enable them to be effective mentors and leaders to the younger generation of PROTEC learners, and a skill for life.