BMG Prespective

Sep 30 2016

BMG is Africa’s leading engineering component supplier to all industrial, manufacturing and mining sectors of the economy. We see ourselves as a key player in supporting and maintaining the economic engine of the region.

But this critically relies on effective partnerships between technically competent and knowledgeable people both in our organisation and at the enterprises we serve.

10 years ago, as we considered future scenarios, we recognised that the declining availability of technical skills represented a critical risk to the sustainability of BMG and that of our customers. We looked for a way in which we could become involved in the solution.

We found that PROTEC stood out as an organisation that supplemented maths and science education and was able to access and develop the largely untapped talent of the underprivileged sectors of our communities. We particularly liked PROTEC’s formula of supporting dedicated students from their pre-matric years all the way through university and on into the working world.

Through this, we recognised that PROTEC was growing and sustaining a solid flow of young people with the foundational skills and purposeful vibrancy that would feed into the long term vision for our economy. This was the involvement BMG was looking for and as a spin-off could contribute to our BBBEE compliance.

From our initial support of one PROTEC branch in 2006, BMG now provides financial assistance to 5 PROTEC regions, all of which have achieved unprecedented student success over the period.

We are proud to be associated with PROTEC and fully endorse this model as a part of a solution for an economically sustainable Africa and which uplifts the prospects for those who go on to be PROTEC alumni.



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